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New Masters Qualification in Teaching Statistics at Pre-University Level

Plymouth University is pleased to introduce two new statistics modules as part of the already well-established International Masters Programme (IMP). The information below outlines the pathways leading to named awards in Teaching Pre-University Mathematics (and Statistics).

Overview The International Masters Programme (Education) (IMP) is a flexible modular M-level programme and the two new pathways are for mathematics and statistics educators teaching at ‘pre-university’ level. Pre-university refers to A-level or Scottish Higher level in the UK or, as appropriate, to the teaching of equivalent mathematics and statistics in preparation for a first degree elsewhere in the world. It permits the opportunity to follow a set of modules that meet your professional development requirements and allows you the chance to study issues based upon your own personal/professional context.

Within this programme the Teaching Pre-University Mathematics (and Statistics) pathway offers a distinct route through the Masters programme, aimed at considering the teaching of mathematics and (optionally) statistics at pre-university level. For anyone who considers undertaking the whole MA too much, there are also intermediate awards of PG Certificate and PG Diploma.

All this is undertaken by critically examining both the content of the curriculum relevant to this stage and a range of theoretical perspectives on mathematics/statistics teaching, learning and assessment. Like the programme as a whole, the pathway offers the benefits of a negotiated pattern of study in which you can use the content of the modules to explore your own practice and pedagogy as part of the high academic demands of an award-bearing programme at M-level.

Three different module options are available, each with two 30-credit parts (60 in total), from which you can build your pattern of study:

  • Teaching Advanced Mathematics 1 & 2 (TAM1; TAM2)
  • Teaching Further Mathematics 1 & 2 (TFM1; TFM2)
  • Teaching Statistics 1 & 2 (TS1; TS2)

You can also study one Independent Study Module (ISM) which allows you to undertake a piece of small scale independent research on a relevant issue, for 30 credits

These modules require some attendance and related work online between sessions. They are delivered in multiple venues in different parts of the country, some by other universities, whose credit can then be transferred to Plymouth. TAM and TS modules can be accessed in Plymouth itself (as well as in some other venues too - please contact our team for details). TFM study days usually take place in the Midlands. Having gained 120 credits via a combination of these modules, the MA is then completed via a dissertation of up to 20000 words on a related topic, which can be completed entirely at a distance from Plymouth.

Note that TAM1, TFM1 and TS1 are pre-requisites for TAM2, TFM2 and TS2 respectively.


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