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The following material is available for use in schools.
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1   Link   Problem Solving - Handling Data and Statistics
A set of eight exemplar classroom teaching and learning resources that used a statistical problem approach and an online assessment to assess understanding of the problem solving cycle.

The eight problems are: How safe is your area?, Crime Scene Evidence, Virtual Reality Gloves, Where's worst?, How far, fast and high?, How old is your height?
What's in your bowl?, World Population.

You can also find resources from the workshop: 'Using a problem solving approach for Teaching Statistics'.
2   Link   CensusAtSchool
The international CensusAtSchool project collects and disseminates real data for use by teachers and pupils in data-handling, ICT and across the curriculum for learning and teaching.
3   Link   SportAtSchool
SportAtSchool is based on the successful international CensusAtSchool project and has been inspired by the 2012 London Summer Olympic Games. An online questionnaire is used to capture learners’ data, the resultant real data can then be used with our resources and lesson plans. As usual these are free, downloadable and contain a variety of classroom activities.
4   Link   Schools Council Project - Statistics in Your World
This material links together the statistics used and taught in different disciplines - geography, science, social science, the humanities, and mathematics.
5   Link   Teaching and Using Statistics
A series of talks to teachers on making Advanced level teaching practical.
6   Link   Statistics across the English National Curriculum
A detailed survey by Peter Holmes of the many and various ways in which statistics is used in the latest version of the National Curriculum for England
7   Link   Statistical Needs of Non-Specialist Young Workers
The Statistical Education Project 16-19 was set up in 1981 and one of the concerns of the project was to find out the nature of statistical ideas and techniques being used by young people as they enter employment at the age of 18 or so, following full-time education. The interest was in the needs of the general employee on entering and becoming established within the company.
8   Link   It draws a Graph as well
Who is this resource for? For anyone interested in using databases and spreadsheets in their teaching.
In this booklet there have been included photocopiable activities and case studies for teachers of English, French, History, Mathematics and Science. There are also reference Attainment Targets for Information Technology Capability so this booklet will be especially useful for IT co-ordinators.

Please contact
9   Link   Stats4Schools
stats4schools was a project that aimed to help teachers and pupils to get more from statistics.

Managed by the independent Office for National Statistics (ONS) the resources include data from across government.

This project had been archived by The National Archives in 2011 but has now been published on behalf of the ONS by the RSSCSE. The site is in both English and Welsh.

The archived site contains datasets for pupils that can be downloaded and included in projects, free of charge. For teachers, there are lesson plans and worksheets, which are free to download and use in class.

10   Link   Minitab for Schools
Minitab for Schools.
11   Link   National Numeracy
A new organisation, that works in partnership with other groups and bodies with related interests to strengthen the collective impact of stakeholders across the numeracy and mathematics community.

12   Link   STatistics Education Web (STEW)
STatistics Education Web (STEW) is ASA ( American Statistical Association) reaching out to mathematics and science teachers who teach statistics concepts in their classrooms. STEW is an online resource for peer-reviewed lesson plans for teachers. The web site is maintained by the ASA.